About Our Events

The Utah Mushroom Society sponsors a number of events annually. In the mushroom world, these events are called forays and are an opportunity to meet with others amateurs mushroom hunters, or mycologists, at all levels.

At each event you will meet others who vary in experience from brand new to seasoned mushroom hunter. We meet at a predetermined location, decide on a favorable destination and then depart. 

Upon arriving at the destination we begin looking for mushrooms. After a couple of hours hiking around we gather together to display our finds. This is when the learning begins. It is a great opportunity to see first hand some of the species that grown in our area and learn about them. 

In August of each year we host our Fall Foray. This event goes several days and is a great for families or groups. Camping is normally available. During the Fall Foray we typically find over seventy species. There are plenty of veterans in attendance to learn from.